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Foxcote Manor Members and Support Crew
Graham Hoyland
The membership secretary of the Foxcote Manor Society. Workaholic and extremely passionate about 7822. He is a driver at Llangollen and enjoys a spicy curry!
Mike Watts
Southern regions chap Mike Watts, a life member and staunch supporter of the FMS. All round top bloke.
Mike Butler and Neil Evans
Neil (right) has been involved from day one, he is a long standing trustee of the FMS and lover of all things 78xx and Cambrian. He is currently our secretary.
Manor Members
Jon Kerr (life member), Paul Bailey (trustee and former treasurer), Mat Grindley (Chairman), Iain Ross (life member) and Matt Davies (member/ former trustee) on Foxy at Minehead in 2013.
Iain Ross & Steve Carter
Iain is a life member and part of the support crew and Steve is a long time member, hailing from Oswestry and has built a 5" version of 7822.
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Foxcote Manor in British Railways Days 1950-to 1965

7822 at Llandabarn
7822 at Llandabarn near Aberystwyth in December 1958, sporting her BR lined green that she carried until 2016.
7822 at Barmouth
7822 often worked to this wonderful Welsh seaside town situated on the Mawddach estuary. She is seen here in 1962.
7822 at Shrewsbury
This shot by DK Jones shows 7822 at Shrewsbury with a train bound for Bala in 1963.
Foxcote Manor at Shrewsbury
DK Jones caught 7822 again in 1964. Departing from platform 4.
7822 at Morfa Mawddach
7822 and also preserved sister No. 7827 "Lydham Manor" pause at Morfa Mawddach on the Talyllyn AGM Special in 1963.
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Foxcote Manor Restoration - 1975 to 1988

7822 at Barry in 1970
This shot shows 7822 at Barry back to back with a BR Standard 4, could it be 80072?

Copyright: lowrisara
Jim freebury 20th july 1968
7822 arrives at Oswestry in 1975
This shot by cal424 shows 7822 being delivered to Oswestry after being saved from scrap.
7822 in Oswestry Shed
This shot by Reg Storer shows 7822 in the goods shed at Oswestry in 1975 following delivery from Barry.
The Project Continues
Sunday 15th October 1985 and Foxcote stands at her new home at Llangollen Railway after 10 years at Oswestry.
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Foxcote manor in  steam in 1988

7822's Comeback 1988
8A rail collections shot taken on April 9th 1988 shows 7822 ready to depart Llangollen for Berwyn, her first passenger train in preservation.
7822's Comeback
40011 mauretania's shot of 7822 in Platform 2 at Llangollen on April 9th 1988
Peter Bowers 9-4-88
7822 at Llangollen
40011 mauretania's shot of 7822 standing in platform 2 at Llangollen on April 9th 1988.
Comeback Special
7822 on April 9th 1988. Picture by Graham Ross.
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Foxy in 1989
Great Western Weekend 1989
GWR Weekend June 1989
7822 double headed with 7828
June 1989 - 1Z45
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Foxy in 1990
Belle of Berwyn
John Law's shot of 7822 on Berwyn Belle duty running round at Llangollen.
7822 on the goods
John Luxton's shot of 7822 leaving Llangollen in June 1990.
7822 at Deeside Loop
John Luxtons shot of 7822 on one of the first runs into the new Deeside Halt in June 1990.
7822 at Deeside
John Luxton captures 7822 and her train in the early days of the reopening to Deeside on 16th June 1990.
December 1990
In December 1990, Midcheshireman catches 7822 in fading light at Llangollen.
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Foxy in 1991
7822 at Berwyn
August 14th 1991 saw Bidston6F get this shot of Foxcote in action
7822 at Deeside
July 9th 1991 and a good crowd at Deeside Halt.
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Foxy in 1992
7822 Approaching Glyndyfrdwy
Bidston6F was back on September 19th 1992 to see Foxcote once more.
The Glamour of Steam
In a promotional shot, glamour model Katherine West poses tied to the rails in 1992. Copyright Katherine and Peter West
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Foxy in 1993
7822 at the ESR
Michael Ha's picture of 7822 on Cranmore shed at the East Somerset in 1993.
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Foxy in 1994
August 1994
SteamDriver12 takes a great shot of 7822 rolliing into Glyndyfrdwy with red lamps on her brackets.
Summer 1994
A busy scene at Llangollen MPD with 7822 joined by 7754 and 34027.
7822 in September 1994 at Glyn
7822 at Glyndyfrdwy by davemayne67.
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Foxy in 1995
7822 on Dee Bridge
7822 works the Berwyn Belle in 1995 by Midcheshireman
Llangollen 1995
On 31st July, Paul Appleyard spotted 7822 at Llangollen.
Chewing the Cud
Another Paul Appleyard photo of 7822 at Llangollen.
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Foxy in 1996
On the Freight
Foxy hauls a really nice freight set on the Llangollen Railway in 1996. By feroequinologist.
Opening Carrog
John Webbs shot of 7822 at Carrog shortly after the station opened.
1996 at Berwyn
On October 11th 1996, Foxy hauls a train through Berwyn, still doing well in her 9th year in traffic.
Glyndyfrdwy 1996
Robert Gadsdon Glyns picture from 1996 shows 7822 drifting into Glyndyfrdwy.
1996 june ferequinologist
Feroequinologists shot shows 7822 at the end of the line at Carrog in 1996, paired with a 4000 gallon GWR tender.
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Foxy in 1997
August 1997
August 1997 and the only image I have found of 7822 in the last year of her first ticket. By Minffordd Ken
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Foxy in 2000
April 2000
Mike Heaths shot of 7822 now running in the 21st century.
June 27th 2000
Rob McDonald took the opportunity to take a snap of 7822 at Deeside
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Foxy in 2001
2001 7822 7903 may16 2001
May 16th 2001 and Foxcote and Foremarke Hall head over Fishermans Crossing.
August 2001
Sheila Hassal photographs 7822 from Platform 2 at Llangollen.
August 2001
7822 looks resplendent in green at Llangollen.
December 11th 2001
midcheshireman shows 7822 in fading light at Llangollen Goods Junction.
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Foxy in 2002
7822 in 2002
Midcheshireman at it again, taking a photo of Foxy storming up the 1 in 100 gradient out of Llangollen.
2002 p h hanson 2002as torquay maybe
P H Hansons photo of 7822 as 7800 "Torquay Manor" with a long train headed for Glyndyfrdwy.
7822 as 7800
7822 as 7800 back on the freight at Llangollen on April 30th 2002.
SVR 2002
Foxy trundles over a viaduct at the SVR on her second visit to the line.
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Foxy in 2003
31st May 2003 Crewe
SPT1985's picture from the Crewe open day in 2003. 7822 back at Crewe for the first time since the 1960's.
East Lancs Visit
Phil the Photters snap of 7822 in June 2003
Crewe 2003
Peter Jeavons shot of 78822 at Crewe
May 31st 2003
Peter Jeavons snap of 7822 wearing the CCE headboard.
East Lancs Visit
NeilH156's shot of 7822 on the East Lancashire Raiilway on June 7th 2003.
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Foxy in 2004
Llangollen 2004
Midcheshiremans shot of 7822 rounding the corner to Llangollen Goods Junction in 2004.
22nd May 2004
Alan K's shot of 7822 at Llangollen Station.
September 25th 2004
7822 with a large tender fitted in 2004 by Frank Watson.
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Foxy in 2005
7822 at the WSR
June 24th 2005 Foxcote stands at Bishops Lydeard
7822 at Crewe
David Hadfields shot of 7822 back at Crewe in 2005.
June 5th 2005.
Frank Watson shows 7822 running with City of Truro at Glyndyfrdwy
In the presence of a king.
feroequinologists shot of 7822 at the WSR with 6024.
2005 with Royalty
zoopenguinwatchers snap of 7822 and 6024 at Washford
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Foxy in 2006
October 22nd 2006. 7822 4953 4936
ax1709cj's pic of 7822 at Barrow Hill in 2006.
7822 Freight at Llangollen
July 3rd 2006 and 722 is on the mixed parcels.
22nd October 2006
Dave Wraggs shot of 7822 at Barrow Hill
October 2006
Keith Lunds atmospheric shot of 7822 and 4936 at Barrow Hill Roundhouse.
September 10th 2006
Chris Yapp got this shot on the Carrog straight of 7822 on the freight.
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7822 at Deeside

John Luxton captures 7822 and her train in the early days of the reopening to Deeside on 16th June 1990.