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7822 Headline News

Warley Model Railway Exhibition 2015 and the "Manor 50"
On the 14th and 15th November, the FMS attended the Severn Valley Railways Manor 50 Gala. The event saw the return of 7802 "Bradley Manor" after overhaul, teaming with up with 7812 "Erlestoke Manor" and 7820 "Dinmore Manor ", which were the last 3 "Manors" to work over the Cambrian in 1965. 7822 had received an invite but we were never likely to attend given the elongated nature of the boiler repairs. 
The 28th and 29th November saw members of the Foxcote Manor Society attend the Walrey show at the NEC in Birmingham. A stand was given to the society free of charge by the Warley Model Railway Society allowing us to sell merchandise, enlist new members and spread the word about 7822.
Both of these events have been helpful for raising much needed funds for Foxcote Manors boiler repairs and return to steam. 
7822 Working Party Nov 8th 2015
Work continued on the weekend of the 7th and 8th November, where a gang of volunteers managed to make good progress with the re-tube of Foxcote Manors No.14 boiler. 
By the close of play on Sunday, 114 of the 158 small tubes were beaded at the copper end. On Saturday all of the 158 tubes had been expanded at both ends and the boiler was water tight with a body of water although this hadnt been pressurized.
We really are making great progress but we can't afford to ease off. We want 7822 steaming in March 2016 and if the support keeps coming, there is no reason why we wont be.


Severn Valley "Manor 50" Gala, 14th & 15th November 2015
7822 Trustee Alasdair Rogers wishes to invite any visitors to the SVR Manor 50 Gala to come for a chat about all things 7822 at our sales stall during the gala. He will be selling books, DVD's, clothing, pens, badges you name it, Alasdair will have it! 
We look forward to seeing you at the SVR and also at the Warley exhibition at the NEC on the 28th & 29th November 2015.
7822 Working Party Oct 25th 2015 


Work continued on the weekend of the 24th and 25th October, and the tubes were fully expanded at the copper end by Sunday lunch time. 


By the close of play, 81 of the 158 small tubes were expanded at the steel end too. 7822 Secretary Graham Hoyland had the bit between his teeth however and the final 77 were expanded on Monday 26th October. A sterling effort which epitomises the man.  


We really are making great progress but we can't afford to ease off. We want 7822 steaming in March 2016 and if the support keeps coming, there is no reason why we wont be.



Christmas Cards 2015

We are now selling this years Christmas Cards, which dont come with a year on so you could use them any year you like! They carry the picture below and can be bought in packs of 5 (£2.50) or 10 (£5.00). Contact to buy yours.





















7822 Raffle Winners 2015


Thank you to all of you who entered the Foxcote Manor Society 2015 raffle. Commiserations to all of you who weren't lucky this time. Congratulations to our winners;

Mr Humphreys - ticket 16607 - £200.

Mr Macer-Wright - ticket 8644 - £78.22.

Mr Beavins- ticket 17148 - £50.

Mr Smith - ticket 15123 - Llangollen Railway.

Mr Smallbone - ticket 13093 - Xmas Cards.

Mr Butler - ticket 12990 - Xmas Cards.

Mr Slater - ticket 16990 - Xmas Cards.


Your support really has helped this year, thank you from the Foxcote Manor Society.



Manor Working Parties 


If you would like to offer your elbow grease to see 7822 back in traffic for the spring please put the following dates in your diary as we will be holding working parties on these dates.


October 10th, 11th, 24th, 25th.

November 7th, 8th, 21st, 22nd.

December 5th, 6th, 19th, 20th.































September Update

In the last month, work has continued on the cosmetic overhaul of 7822. Martin Fuller, worked with the newly formed Llangollen Railway Youth Group on cleaning the wheels of the locomotive ready for painting. Martin has also been busy applying more coats of gloss to everything above the running boards. There is a good layer of paint on the engine now which was much needed after so many years without a fresh coat of paint.
Mat Grindley has almost finished work on the inside motion of the loco, this also hasnt been touched for many years and it shows. However everything has had a layer of undercoat and most has had a layer of red gloss with just a few parts to finish. A particularly tricky job given the amount of oil and dirt and the fact that the parts are being painted in Situ.
The boiler retube is on hold for the moment until funding is sorted. Once again we really hope you will support us financially. Please join us as a member for as little as £20 a year if you can.
August 2015 - Where is 7822?
7822 stands in the shed at Llangollen with her boiler on one road, her tender on another and her frames and cab on another.
Her return is now delayed and it will most likely be Spring 2016 before we see her running again. That date is wholly dependant on funding and volunteer effort. 
We are still searching for new members, join 7822 and safeguard her future.
The Foxcote Manor Society is teaming up with the Dunham Massey Brewing company to produce our ale "7-Eight-2-Two", a sample run of 96 bottles will go on sale at the summer social on the 11th of July.
Summer Social Tickets Now on Sale
The Annual FMS Summer Social is just around the corner and tickets are now on sale! The event takes place on Saturday 11th July 2015 starting at Llangollen Railway Station starting at 17:00.
The current idea is to have a train ride behind a steam loco from Llangollen to Corwen and have food and entertainment at Corwen before returning to Llangollen.
Tickets are priced at £15, please contact us through the contact form on the "Contact FMS" page to book your place and support No. 7822 "Foxcote Manor" 
May Update
Work is still progressing on the boiler repairs, a mix of volunteer and paid labour is bringing the job towards completion at a steady rate. The throatplate is being stayed into place, and the retube is also on going. Finances will dictate when the job is complete though, given our circumstances.
Contrary to a recent news article in the press, we still desperately need donations and tube sponsorship. We have received almost £30,000 in donations since the engine was taken out of traffic so thank you for that, we have a lot of work to do but we are healthier thanks to your generosity.
The society are running a raffle with cash prizes to raise money for the repairs. Please contact us if you would like to enter. Please support us in any way you can. Take a look at our "Donate" page for more information.
7822 at Warley, November 2015
The Foxcote Manor Society has been invited by the Warley Model Railway Society to have a free stand at their 2015 show at the NEC in Birmingham on 28th/29th November. We will be selling merchandise and memberships and hoping to find new fans to join our little army of 7822 lovers. See you there?
7822 at Steel, Steam and Stars IV
Foxcote Manor has featured in some way at the Betton Grange super gala, 3802 has been running with 7822's 3,500gal tender, which is slightly more fitting than 3802's 4,000gal tender I am told. 
The picture by Maverick Mitchell Hogarth shows 3802 paired up with the tender.
We have a stand at Corwen on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (13,14,15th of March). If you would like to support us why not come down for a chat about all things 7822.
Future Events
The town of Ellesmere is celebrating its railway past this month with an exhibition about the railway that graced the town for a century. Ellesmere was a part of the Cambrian and 7822 worked through the Shropshire town on many occasions. There is a special exhibition on March 29th between 10:00 and 16:00 at Ellesmere town hall. Entry is free.



16/02/2015 - Work Update


Work continued on 7822 this weekend with a gang led by Martin Fuller and consisting of Alasdair and Hazel Rogers, Joe Wellsteed, Liz Partidge and Keiron Rigby. They put most of the finishing touches on 7822's tender and it is pretty much ready to be paired up with 3802 as of March 1st until the end of the Betton Grange "Steel, Steam and Stars IV" gala. 
02/02/2015 - Yet Another Update
Dear all,
Time for yet another update. Well, the work is continuing as 7822 sits buried in the Llangollen Railway workshop surrounded by veterans during overhauls and new builds under construction. It is now 15 months since 7822 had a fire in her belly and we are all getting more anxious to get her back into traffic as soon as we are able. 
We are extremely close to a comeback, the repaint has been mostly done but there is still work to do, Martin Fuller has been the driving force in keeping the repaint on track. The throatplate is reaching the latter stages of work and the retube is underaway and we are awaiting delivery of the new tubes so we can get into it.
Obviously we are still in desperate need of backing in any way you can, either by lending a hand, joining the society or even donating materials for the society, we are grateful for anything that you can offer.
We aim to be back this year, and we are hoping that most of the uphill struggle is over. Of course 7822 will need repairs in the future so we hope you will keep us in mind.
We are also now included within the banner of Easy Fundraising, where by purchasing every day items on the internet you can support Foxcote Manor, please visit to see how to do it, download the tool bar reminder and get started. Every little helps as they say!
Best regards,
Mathew Grindley - 7822 Trustee







Tennis Ball Diet

Tennis Ball Diet

Keirons snap of a man eating sports equipment!

Very Shiny

Very Shiny

From Keiron Rigby

Painted Tender

Painted Tender

Copyright J. Wellsteed

Kieron Rigby and Brush!

Kieron Rigby and Brush!

Copyright J.Wellsteed

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