7822 to make an unexpected return to North Wales

No sooner than we were thinking about 7822 not steaming again at Llangollen in her current boiler ticket, than we negotiate a return to North Wales' only standard gauge preserved line. We anticipate to run on steam days between August 29th and Mid October.

Things don't always go to plan in preservation, and this year more than most. The WSR reopen properly soon and we will be back there for that but an unforeseen locomotive shortage at Llangollen means the Manor could come in handy again as it did last Winter. 

Its 35 years since 7822 made Llangollen its home, it will always be home. 

All Quiet On the Western Front.

Well every front really, Covid-19 continues to threaten many heritage lines, locomotive owning groups, museums and so on. 2020 is looking like a total write- off which will have so many knock on effects for the whole movement. 

We are unsure when we will see 7822 back in action, and this loss of income could be absolutely disastrous, we just hope there are better days to come. Please continue to keep the movement alive when the lockdown measures come to an end, and until then, stay safe.


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