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Foxcote Manor Stopped Early

Sadly the FMS have taken the difficult decision to stop her boiler ticket early. A continuing issue with the inner firebox means the sensible decision is to stop the engine now and carry out all planned repairs to the boiler. Foxcote gained her boiler ticket in early 2016, so it is not going to be too much longer and we would be doing this work anyway. The short term outlay would not be warranted. 

We now look to the future, knowing that her 1938 boiler is mostly life expired, she needs major boiler repairs and renewals. We are going to need every penny we can get if we are to see 7822 in steam again this decade. Please head to the "Help Foxcote" page if you would like to help us in any way. We have enjoyed this boiler ticket, and wish to thank you all for your support over those years and into the future. Become a member, make a donation, we would love to hear from you.

Vote for 7822!

A message from our fundraising expert and membership secretary Keith Smith. Please vote for Foxy!
The Benefact Group are again running their Movement for Good awards scheme again this year when they have £1million to give away to charities in £1,000 grants. The more nominations a charity gets, the better chances of winning, so let’s encourage all members to go to and nominate the FMS. for ease, our charity number is 1053410.

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