February 2022 - Sad News


The FMS is sad to report the passing of our honorary Vice President, Peter Summers MBE at the age of 92. Peter played a pivotal role in the fundraising that allowed the FMS to purchase 7822 from Barry Scrapyard in the 1970's. Mr Summers also had a  hand in the saving of 9017 and also job creation in North East Wales through his work in the steel industry. He leaves a lasting legacy of great achievements.

January 2022 - Winter Program of Work 

The quiet part of the year is probably the busiest for our engineers and for the fitters at the West Somerset Railway. Annual examinations of the boiler, and no shortage of niggles to address. Also the periodical stuff that comes around. Luckily at the FMS we have Martin Fuller and Dave Owen who have 7822’s engineering close to heart. This winter the bogie will come out for the main springs to be replaced which are life expired. There are various fittings in the cab to be tidied up or replaced and the screw reverser will be overhauled too.