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Foxcote Manor Tender in Use on New Grange.

The 81st Grange, No. 6880 "Betton Grange" is in the early stages of her running career and is running with the tender off our very own Foxcote Manor. FMS Trustee Scott Barnes has done a lot of work to tidy up the tender. Needle-gunning away rust, painting the coal space, welding up defects in the toolboxes, and painting the tender into BR lined green livery. It's a really excellent job and it's great to see the tender being put to good use while 7822 is overhauled.

7822 Overhaul Commences at Tyseley!

The overhaul of 7822 is underway at Tyseley Locomotive Works, obviously a lot of this work is preparatory at the moment as the boiler is prepared to be lifted from the frames. We know that most of the attention of this work will be on the boiler this time, as our inner firebox reaches the end of its servicable lifespan. FMS Chairman, Martin Fuller is once again spearheading a huge program of work, and has started in earnest, every Saturday with a small dedicated gang. This overhaul will not be rushed, and we will do our best as a group to set up 7822 for the long term.
You will be able to track our progress here and through Facebook. If you can help us by donating it would extremley helpful, head to "Help Foxcote" to find out how. Thank you.

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