Twenty Nine Sisters

Thirty Manors were built between 1938 and 1950 and were withdrawn from service between 1963 and 1965. Compton Manor is said to have run up the most miles on the clock when records stopped in 1963. 

Click on the images below to read a bit more about 7822's sisters, the 8 that survived with her into preservation and the 21 that met their unfortunate demise at various breakers yards. The images are copyright of their owners which are named in the descriptions.

7800 "Torquay Manor"
Manor Class pioneer No.7800 "Torquay Manor" seen at Swindon Works on May 16th 1962.

7800 was allocated to Wolverhampton Stafford Road, Tyseley, Oswestry and Shrewsbury before withdrawal and disposal in 1964.

Copyright Keith Long.
7801 "Anthony Manor"
Seen on 29th September 1962 is No.7801 "Anthony Manor". Seen here at Ruabon on a Talyllyn AGM special with ex-GWR mogul No. 7314.

7801 saw life at Bristol Bath Road, Plymouth Laira, Oswestry and Shrewsbury before withdrawal and disposal in 1965. She was cut up at Swansea.

Copyright Kerry Parker
7802 "Bradley Manor"
7802 is seen here at Shrewsbury being prepared to work the Cambrian Coast Express.

7802 was built in January 1938 and allocated to Old Oak Common before Bristol Bath Road, Machynlleth and Shrewsbury.

7802 was withdrawn alongside Foxy in 1966 and bought by Woodham's in July 1966. She was bought by the Erlestoke Manor Fund and left as the 109th departure from Barry November 1979.

Copyright Kerry Parker
7803 "Barcote Manor"
Barcote Manor was another built in 1938 and saw active service at Neyland, Machynlleth and Shrewsbury. She is pictured here at Aberystwyth in June 1964.

She was a regular on the Cambrian Coast Express and saw a lot of time at Oswestry shed where she was always immaculately turned out complete with Danny's Bull.

She was withdrawn in April 1965 and scrapped at Bridgend.

Copyright Ron Fisher.
7804 "Baydon Manor"
Late in the life of Manors we see 7804 at Gloucester shed on August 21st 1965.

She was shedded at Bristol Bath Road, Plymouth Laira, Carmarthen, Cardiff East Dock and Severn Tunnel Junction.

She was withdrawn a couple of weeks after this picture and cut up at Newport.

Copyright A S Greenwood.
7805 "Broome Manor"
7805 was first shedded at Shrewsbury, followed by allocations at Banbury, Cardiff Canton, Cardiff East Dock and Tyseley.

She was withdrawn in December 1964 and was cut up at Great Bridge.

She is seen here at Reading West in grotty condition a couple of months before withdrawal.

Copyright David Christie
7806 "Cockington Manor"
Seen in 1960 at Welshpool is 7806 "Cockington Manor".

7806 saw life at Shrewsbury, Banbury, Machynlleth and Wolverhampton Oxley.

She too was withdrawn in 1964 and disposed of at Cashmores, Great Bridge.

Copyright David Ward.
7807 "Compton Manor"
Seen on July 20th 1958 at Oswestry is 7807 "Compton Manor".

7807 was originally shedded at Neyland before allocations at Machynlleth and Oswestry.

She was also withdrawn with 7806 in November 1964 and cut up at Cashmores, Great Bridge.

Copyright Ron Bowyer
7808 "Cookham Manor"
Cookham Manor saw active service at Old Oak Common, Oswestry and Gloucester.

She wasnt withdrawn until December 1965 before being bought directly from British Railways and was taken to Ashchurch for restoration. She moved from Ashchurch to Didcot in 1970 and she has resided there since.

This view of 7808 was taken by Ron Fisher on June 21st 1964.
7809 "Childrey Manor"
7809's first allocation was at Westbury. Following this she moved to Plymouth Laira, Gloucester and a final allocation at Shrewsbury.

She is seen here on June 23rd 1962.

7809 only lasted until April 1963 being the first of the class to meet its demise. 7809 was scrapped at Swindon Works.

Copyright John Whiteley.
7810 "Draycott Manor"
7810 came into being in December 1938 and was allocated to Banbury initially before moving to Leamington, Gloucester and finally Machynlleth.

She survived only until September 1964 and met her demise at Birds, Swansea shortly after.

She is seen here at Oswestry on October 7th 1962, photographed by John Hill.
7811 "Dunley Manor"
7811 "Dunley Manor" was also built in December 1938 and was allocated to Banbury. From there she moved to Shrewsbury, Whitland and finally Cardiff East Dock.

Seen here at Crewe on June 26th 1964, photographed by David Christie, 7811 was withdrawn in July 1965 and also met her maker at Birds, Swansea.
7812 "Erlestoke Manor"
Built January 1939, Erlestokes first allocation was Bristol Bath Road before Newton Abbot, Plymouth Laira, Oswestry and finally to Shrewsbury, in February 1963. 7812 was withdrawn in November 1965 alongside 7822. She moved to Barry in May 1966 before being sold to the Dowty Railway Preservation Society, Ashchurch. She was the 56th departure from Barry in May 1974.

Erlestoke moved to Bewdley in April 1976 and is now owned by the Erlestoke Manor Fund

Pic: Oxley 28/03/1965, by prof2940
7813 "Freshord Manor"
Built January 1939, Freshfords first shed allocation was Wolverhampton Oxley. This was followed by stints at Newton Abbot, Plymouth Laira and Didcot.

7813 was withdrawn May 1965 and crapped at Bird's, Swansea.

7813 is seen here on August 31st 1963 at Guildford, photo by David Christie.
7814 "Fringford Manor"
Photographed in 1962 at Swindon by Stuart Axe we see 7814 "Fringford Manor".

She was shedded at Westbury initially, followed by Plymouth Laira, Machynlleth, Didcot and finally Gloucester.

She was withdrawn in September 1965 and scrapped at Birds, Long Marston.
7815 "Fritwell Manor"
Fritwell Manor was built in 1939 and was shedded at Gloucester for the entirety of her working life.

The picture by Roger Smith shows 7815 at Gloucester in 1963.
7816 "Frilsham Manor"
Frilsham Manor was built in 1939 and was originally sent to Neyland. She also saw service at St Blazey, Didcot and finally Gloucester.

She was withdrawn alongside Dunley Manor in November 1965 and was sent for disposal at Cashmores, Newport.

We see her here in another David Christie shot taken on September 20th 1964.
7817 "Garsington Manor"
Garsington Manor is a locomotive with local connections, near to 7822's base at Llangollen.

She was built in 1939 and spent most of her career at Croes Newydd in Wrexham with spells at Newport and Reading.

She was withdrawn from Reading in 1964 and was cut up at Birds, Swansea.

This pic of 7817 is by cove59 and dates back to July 31st 1963.
7818 "Granville Manor"
Granville Manor, built in 1939 saw allocations at Worcester, Gloucester, Wolverhampton Oxley and Tyseley.

She was withdrawn early in 1965 and was succumbed to the cutters torch at Cashmore's, Great Bridge.

She is seen here at Trewern in 1963, copyright F.A.Haynes.
7819 "Hinton Manor"
This picture from the KDH archive shows 7819 in October 1963.

Hinton Manor was the final Manor in the first batch and was sent initially to Carmarthen. Like 7822 she was also shedded at Oswestry, Machynlleth and Shrewsbury.

She was withdrawn alongside Foxy in November 1965 and was bought from Barry by the Severn Valley in 1973. She is currently stored in Swindon's Designer Outlet.
7820 "Dinmore Manor"
Dinmore Manor was built in 1950 and originally allocated to Oswestry. She was also shedded at Plymouth Laira, Cardiff Canton, Cardiff East Dock, Wolverhampton Oxley and Shrewsbury.

She was withdrawn alongside 7822 in November 1965 and was sold from Barry to the Gwili Railway, leaving Barry in 1979. She is currently operational, owned by Dinmore Manor Loco Ltd. She is seen here on September 18th 1965, copyright John Sydney Han.
7821 "Ditcheat Manor"
Currently residing at "Steam" museum, Swindon, 7821 saw service at Oswestry, Tyseley, Wolverhampton Oxley and Shrewsbury.

7821 was withdrawn in November 1965 and was at Barry until 1981 when she was saved by GWR Toddington. She is seen here in deplorable condition in September 1965, picture by Bill Wright.
7823 "Hook Norton Manor"
Hook Norton Manor saw action at Chester, Truro and Tyseley.

She only lasted until the summer of 1964 giving her a very short working life. She was scrapped at Cashmore's, Great Bridge.

Michael Spafford took this picture of 7823 at Machynlleth in 1962.
7824 "Iford Manor"
This shot of 7824 was taken by Pete Boor in 1963 and shows "Iford" looking absolutely superb.

In her brief life she saw service at Cheltenham, Carmarthen and Wolverhampton Oxley.

Her demise came about in November 1964 and she was cut up at Cashmores, Great Bridge.
7825 "Lechlade Manor"
Lechlade Manor, built in 1950 saw service at Croes Newydd, Carmarthen, Whitland and Reading.

Her withdrawal came in May 1964 and she was destroyed at Birds, Swansea.

This picture was taken by Paul Townsend on April 5th 1963.
7826 "Longworth Manor"
Another superb picture by Peter Brabham shows 7826 in the snow at Swindon in 1963.

7826 was a very Welsh Manor, shedded at Croes Newydd, Carmarthen and Cardiff East Dock.

She was withdrawn in April 1965 and cut up at Birds, Llanelli.
7827 "Lydham Manor"
Stuart Axe' picture taken in 1963 shows 7827 looking quite smart.

7827 was shedded at Chester, Oswestry and Shrewsbury and workied the Royal Train and many specials. She was a darling of Oswestry shed alongside 7822 and she is preserved today. She was withdrawn in October 1965 and sent to Woodhams. The Dart Valley bought her in 1970 and she was one of the first engines to escape Barry. Currently operational in BR lined black at the Paignton and Dartmouth.
7828 "Odney Manor"
This superb picture of 7828 at Aberystwyth on February 2nd 1964 by Ian Nolan.

7828 is also a lucky engine, saved from Barry by GWR Toddington in 1981 she currently resides at the West Somerset Railway as "Norton Manor".

She saw service at Neath and Shrewsbury and was withdrawn in October 1965.
7829 "Ramsbury Manor"
This shot from April 30th 1964 by KDH archive shows the final engine of the class to be built.

She saw life at Neath, Carmarthen, Didcot and Gloucester and clung on until December 1965 before being sent to the cutters at Cashmores, Newport.
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