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Foxcote Manor Society in Pictures

Welcome to the gallery of the Foxcote Manor Society. There are a variety of galleries for you to scroll through, click on the images to enlarge them and read the captions or click "show more" to see more from your chosen gallery.

Foxcote Manor Members and Support Crew

Foxcote Manor in British Railways Days 1950-to 1965

Foxcote Manor Restoration - 1975 to 1988

Foxcote manor in  steam in 1988

Foxy in 1989
Foxy in 1990
Foxy in 1991
Foxy in 1992
Foxy in 1993
Foxy in 1994
Foxy in 1995
Foxy in 1996
Foxy in 1997
Foxy in 2000
Foxy in 2001
Foxy in 2002
Foxy in 2003
Foxy in 2004
Foxy in 2005
Foxy in 2006
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